2022 5th International Conference on Computer Information Science and Artificial Intelligence (CISAI 2022)

EI Conference Proceedings

2022 5th International Conference on Computer Information Science and Artificial Intelligence(CISAI 2022) aim to present the latest research and results of scientists related to computer science and artificial intelligence topics. This conference provides opportunities for the different areas delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. 

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


1. Computer Science计算机科学
Automated Software Engineering自动化软件工程
Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing生物信息学与科学计算
Computer-aided Design计算机辅助设计
Computer Animation电脑动画
Computer Architecture计算机架构
Computer Modeling计算机建模
Computer Networks计算机网络
Computer Security 计算机安全
Computer Simulation计算机模拟
Computer Graphics and Image Processing计算机图形和图像处理
Computer Science and Engineering计算机科学与工程
Computer-aided Design / Manufacturing计算机辅助设计/制造
Database and Data Mining数据库和数据挖掘
Data Compression数据压缩
Data Encryption数据加密
Data Mining数据挖掘
Digital Signal and Image Processing数字信号与图像处理
Digital System and Logic Design数字系统与逻辑设计
Expert Systems专家系统
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)地理信息系统(GIS)
Image Processing图像处理
Information Systems信息系统
Internet and Web Applications互联网和Web应用程序
Mobile Computing移动计算
Multimedia Applications多媒体应用
Multimedia Networking多媒体网络
Mobile Wireless Networks移动无线网络
Network Security and Cryptography网络安全和密码学
Programming Languages编程语言
Signal Detection and Estimation信号检测与估计
Wireless Communication无线通信
Wireless Sensor Network无线传感器网络

2. Artificial Intelligence人工智能
Basic Theory and Application of Artificial Intelligence人工智能的基本理论与应用
Big Data Analysis and Processing大数据分析与处理
Bioinformatics and Artificial Life生物信息学与人工生命
Computer Aided Education计算机辅助教育
Biometric Identification生物识别
Computer Vision and Image Processing计算机视觉与图像处理

Evolutionary Calculation

Information Retrieval and Web Search信息检索和网络搜索
Intelligent Planning and Scheduling智能规划与调度
Intelligent Control智能控制
Knowledge Science and Knowledge Engineering知识科学与知识工程
Machine Learning and Data Mining机器学习和数据挖掘
Machine Perception and Virtual Reality机器感知和虚拟现实
Natural Language Processing and Understanding自然语言处理与理解
Neural Network and Deep Learning神经网络与深度学习
Pattern Recognition Theory and Application模式识别理论与应用

Rough Set and Soft Computing


3. Robotics Science and Engineering机器人科学与工程
Modeling and Identification建模和识别
Robot Control机器人控制
Mobile Robotics移动机器人
Mobile Sensor Networks移动传感器网络
Perception Systems感知系统
Micro Robots and Micro-manipulation微型机器人和微操纵
Visual Servoing视觉伺服
Search, Rescue and Field Robotics搜索,救援和现场机器人
Robot Sensing and Data Fusion机器人传感和数据融合
Localization, Navigation and Mapping定位,导航和映射
Dexterous Manipulation灵敏操纵
Medical Robots and Bio-robotics医疗机器人和生物机器人
Human Centered Systems人本系统
Space and Underwater Robots太空和水下机器人
Mechanism Design and Applications机制设计和应用

4. Vision Science and Engineering视觉科学与工程
Image/Video Analysis图像/视频分析
Feature Extraction, Grouping and Segmentation特征提取,分组和分割
Scene Analysis场景分析
Pattern Recognition模式识别
Human-Computer Interaction人机交互
Tracking and Surveillance跟踪和监视

5. Software Process and Data Mining软件工程和数据挖掘
Software Engineering Practice软件工程实践
Web Engineering网络工程
Multimedia and Visual Software Engineering多媒体和视觉软件工程
Software Maintenance and Testing软件维护和测试
Search Engines and Information Retrieval搜索引擎和信息检索
Association Rules关联规则
Data Cleaning数据清理
Data Integration数据集成
Feature Selection功能选择
Information System and Retrieval信息系统和检索
Outlier Analysis离群分析
Visual Data Mining可视化数据挖掘
Knowledge Acquisition & Management知识获取与管理
Knowledge-based Systems基于知识的系统
Multimedia & Cognitive Informatics多媒体与认知信息学
Neural Networks神经网络
Parallel Processing并行处理
Pattern Recognition模式识别
Pervasive Computing and Ambient Intelligence普适计算和环境智能
Programming Languages编程语言
Reasoning and Evolution推理与进化
Recent Trends and Developments最近的趋势和发展
Software & Hardware Architectures软件和硬件架构
Web Intelligence Applications & Search应用程序和搜索